Why BTI360 is the Best Place to Work in DC for 2016

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Why BTI360 is the Best Place to Work in DC for 2016

Every company thinks they’re a great or best place to work, right? But where do you get the “real” story? From the people who work, live, and breathe the company’s mission every day.

And for the fourth consecutive year (and fifth time overall), our BTI360 teammates have voted us a “Best Place To Work” in the Washington Business Journal’s annual employee engagement survey.

It’s always good to know what your people really think. At BTI360, we continually work to grow and improve our offerings and support to teammates. We focus in areas like training, mentorship, building a teammate community, and giving back to the world around us.

While we could tout all our accomplishments and the great things we do, we think you’d rather hear it straight from our teammates.

I’m a Teammate, Not Just a “Number”

“BTI360 goes well beyond the standard employer/employee culture I have previously known. It is more like a big family. The leadership team goes out of its way to take care of every teammate. They are always available for a phone call or email. The rest of us similarly foster this environment. We are teammates and put each other first.” — Ben, Software Engineer, Teammate since 2013

“Every company talks about hiring the best and being a great place to work, but BTI360 is one of the very few that lives this out. I’ve witnessed firsthand their dedication to keeping teammates on good projects. If a teammate wants a change, they go into overdrive to move him or her into the best spot.” — Richard, Software Engineer, Teammate since 2015

“BTI360 provides a great collaborative environment for teammates to learn new technologies and skills from each other. The company is very supportive of everyone’s career goals and listens and acts on new ideas and feedback. The leadership team truly values all of the teammates and treats us like family.” — Kristi, Software Engineer, Teammate since 2015

BTI360 Values Me AND My Family

“Before coming to BTI360, I was part of a large company, where I felt like a number and where my hard work was unappreciated and my personal development was not a priority. BTI360 is different; I am not a resource or employee, but a teammate. Being a teammate means that not only am I important, but my family is important as well.”  — Daniel, Software Engineer, Teammate since 2006

Personal and Professional Development Is Our Passion

“The leadership at BTI360 makes it a priority to devote time and resources to develop each teammate professionally and personally. There are many opportunities provided to develop leadership skills, like having the privilege to mentor young teammates that are part of BTI360’s college hire program.” — Daniel

“BTI360 really ‘gets’ how supporting me as a teammate benefits software collaboration and creation. They are not narrowly invested in quickly churning out software. Rather they are invested in the whole package of creating great teammates who develop lasting solutions. BTI360 supports teammates by offering continual growth opportunities and training that benefits them on the job site and by consistently acting on provided feedback.” — Virginia, Software Engineer, Teammate since 2015

“BTI360 has encouraged me to grow both personally and professionally by giving me opportunities to grow as a leader. This has allowed me to mentor other teammates sharing with them lessons I’ve learned.” — Chris, Software Engineer, Teammate since 2004

We’re A Community, Not Just Co-workers

“What really sets us apart is our teammates. We’re a close group, and it’s great getting to solve problems with such fun and bright people every day. No matter what we’re trying to solve, I know we’ll figure it out and have fun the whole way.” — Marina, Software Engineer, Teammate since 2013

“Being at BTI360, I’ve seen just how much developing ultimate teammates is part of their DNA. This includes paid time for internal training in both technical skills and soft skills, monthly tech talks, employee-run mentoring. As well as ladies’ night with our high number of women engineers (and spouses), scavenger hunts, golf tournaments, charter fishing trips, and service trips to the Dominican Republic.” — Richard

Like What You Hear, Work Here!

If all this sounds interesting to you, drop us a line. We’re always looking for like-minded engineers to join the BTI360 team.

Other Awards

The Washington Business Journal’s Best Place to Work in the D.C. area list is determined by scoring the highest among hundreds of employers that participated in Omaha, Nebraska-based Quantum Workplace’s annual employee engagement survey.


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