Top Five 2021 Software Internship Highlights

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At BTI360, we love growing and developing young software engineers, and we’ve invested heavily in building what we think is one of the best summer internships around. Last year we ran our internship program virtually due to COVID. While the shift online was surprisingly smooth, we missed the camaraderie of being together in person.

This year we were excited to return to an in-person internship. We had a great summer with the interns in Ashburn, and at the close of the summer we asked our interns for their Top 5 Highlights from the summer. Here’s the list.


“The people at BTI360 are great, but have we mentioned the SNACKS? Sweet treats, salty snacks, cereal, ice cream, and other frozen treats. We never needed to worry about being hungry.”

Mentor Lunches

“It was cool to be paired up with experienced professionals in the industry who could answer our questions, tell us war stories, and generally broaden our horizons. Hard to argue with weekly free lunches and we got to try places we hadn’t eaten before (Korean BBQ!).

Doing Actual Project Work

“This summer we did real work. We built software for a BTI360 customer. We got to experience being on a software team—stand-ups, sprint planning, and team bonding. And at the end of the summer we got to see the customer using our tool!”

Getting Java Certified

“Pursuing the Java cert wasn’t always fun, but that sweet feeling of accomplishment when I completed it. That was a highlight.”

Service Project

“We expected our service project would be something like helping Habitat for Humanity or serving in a soup kitchen, but instead we were given a budget and told to research and invest in several local charities we believed in. As a group we went through a process of identifying and ranking our values as they relate to serving and then came to a consensus on what organization could make the best use of our funds.”


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