Staying Close While Keeping Our Distance

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We have all felt the effects of COVID-19, both in the workplace and at home. The disruption to our daily lives has been significant as we continue to navigate the ups and downs of this pandemic. In the midst of understanding new legislation, ensuring our teams can still work, and figuring out our “new normal,” staying connected with our team continues to be a top priority for us at BTI360.  We have all heard the phrase “we are in this together”, and this couldn’t be more true, so I wanted to share some of the ways that BTI360 is engaging our team during these unusual times.

Virtual Events

One of the things we miss most about our current situation is fun and informal times together as a company. Everyone could benefit from some diversion right now. Over the past few months, we’ve hosted several virtual events such as Game Nights, Trivia, Family Feud (this was a favorite!), and happy hours. In the next couple of weeks we have a hackathon and a bread baking class planned. We schedule these events for weekends so that spouses and families can join in on the fun. It is quite amusing to witness the competitive nature that comes out during these events!


While having fun is important during this time, we also recognize the toll that COVID-19 has had on a personal level (juggling school, daycare closures, work schedules, isolation, social distancing, and so many other challenges).  This is why we’ve been intentional to have one-on-one check-ins with our team as a way to keep a pulse on how everyone is really doing. Check-ins are a chance to step away from project updates and instead focus on each other’s physical, mental, and emotional well-being. They offer a safe environment for teammates to open up and share specific challenges they may be facing. In many cases, it has allowed the company to step in and provide support when needed.


We continue to hold company-wide meetings each month. During these calls, we share business updates, introduce new hires, provide teammate recognition and remind our team about any upcoming events. There is also a lot of friendly banter exchanged during these calls! At the beginning of the pandemic, we held these meetings weekly to keep the team updated on the rapidly changing environment. This gave us an opportunity to prepare everyone for the week ahead, answer any questions, and let them know what we would discuss the following week.

We still have our challenges, but there are a few guiding principles that have helped us stay the course and stay connected during this time of uncertainty.

  • Be Intentional – Schedule check-ins, virtual coffee and lunch dates and ask meaningful questions. People crave connection more than ever right now. You may be surprised what you walk away with from those conversations.
  • Be Proactive – Look for opportunities to engage those who are feeling isolated, overwhelmed and/or unmotivated.
  • Be Transparent – Share what you know and what you don’t know as this will continue to build trust along the way.

Welcoming the 2020 Intern Class


DeepRacer Hackathon

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