The BTI360 Internship Experience: Serving Others

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Giving back and serving others are integral aspects of BTI360’s goal to go “beyond software” and support our local and global communities. During our Internship Experience, we were able to experience this servant leadership first-hand through our internship community service project at two Habitat for Humanity sites — one in Alexandria and one in Herndon — alongside current BTI360 teammates.


It was clear when we arrived that our day would be full of hard and rewarding work, which would push us outside of our comfort zone. While we did not have the chance to meet the family who would benefit from this build, everyone was motivated and excited to help them out.

The house we worked on was less than two months into construction, so there was no shortage of work. With hard hats and safety goggles on, Habitat’s Sandlot, their group of experienced volunteers, helped us with a variety of tasks.

Our day consisted of putting up safety rails on the first floor, building stairs, installing subfloor, and filling in a hole near a window well.

While our priority was to do as much work on the home as we could, the Virginia summer weather had us taking several breaks from the heat. This downtime was also valuable to our overall experience since we had the chance to get to know each other and the Habitat for Humanity team more. It was amazing to see people from so many different backgrounds coming together for this great cause.


The group that worked on the build in Herndon had some home renovation experience from doing work on our own homes, but we learned early on in our day how rewarding it can be to help someone you have never met.

We worked on various aspects of the build, including drywall, tiling a bathroom, and tiling a floor. Tiling the floor proved challenging, and we ended up needing to pull up some already placed tiles to realign the entire floor. While discouraging, our team effort helped us work through the challenge of redoing the work and showed us how much more we can accomplish working together and supporting one another through a project.

While we did not complete everything that we set out to because of the challenges we dealt with, our team was proud of the work that we were able to accomplish, knowing that even a little help was going to benefit members of our community.

Lessons Learned

We’ve been learning all summer about BTI360’s core values, and our experience with Habitat for Humanity helped cement those values outside of our daily work in the office. We all learned new skills and were able to further our relationships with each other and current BTI360 teammates. Our internship community service project with Habitat for Humanity demonstrated the importance of being open to instruction from others and being able to recognize when we needed to ask for help to complete a project.

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