The BTI360 Internship Experience: Final Thoughts

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As we reach the end of our Internship Experience, we are all amazed at how far we have come during our summer at BTI360. We have learned things we didn’t know we needed to learn, have improved as software engineers and as members of our larger community, and have developed a strong camaraderie with both our fellow interns and current BTI360 teammates. 

When we look back, the first few weeks were jam-packed with workshops that gave us a ton of new information. While it seemed overwhelming then, we now know those early exertions saved us time and time again over the course of our Internship Experience.

As we worked on our project, dubbed Gator, we found our tasks consistently mirroring the same concepts we had learned in those workshops, and we often found solutions by referencing the workshop repositories when we were trying to solve a problem.

These workshops are an absolutely integral part of the program that we firmly believe will stick with us for years to come. The workshops also helped us bond and come together as a group as we participated in the workshops and built our teamwork skills.

Soon after the workshops ended, we began work on Gator. We split the work into two-week sprints, yet every single day was different as new questions came up and we were introduced to a new technology, new bugs, or necessary revisions to our code. Countless times we would finish a merge request, just to run into merge conflicts or a flood of new changes from our code reviewers showing us just how many ways we could improve our code.

Despite the challenges, we all felt an excitement that many of us hadn’t experienced previously. We were used to dull workplaces where everyone was stressed out and just trying to get by — not having fun with each other and helping out. Everyone we met and worked with was friendly, helpful, and non-judgemental. It was an incredible aspect of the summer, and it’s hard to explain just how much it meant to many of us accustomed to corporate America.

Our final task was a presentation for the entire company at the monthly Orange Slice. It’s difficult to imagine an entire group of people as leaders, but we truly all stepped up. Our project Gator had come together well, and we had a polished, finished product ready for our presentation.

However, for a group of almost all introverts, preparing ourselves for the presentation was a new challenge. Despite that, everyone on our team stepped up as active participants and leaders in their own way when the time came. This was nothing like what we had come to expect from group projects in college. A week of consistent practice led us to a great presentation with us all speaking confidently about the tool we had designed together.

The Ultimate Internship Experience

As we finish our Internship Experience, we are proud of how we all came together and developed both professionally and personally as individuals and leaders on a team. It’s hard to express the energy and excitement at BTI360, and we all agree that is part of what distinguishes it from other internships and companies. We are all looking forward to becoming full-time teammates after graduation and putting our new-found skills to use.

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