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Walking 39.3 miles and raising $1800 for Breast Cancer seemed daunting. And then I volunteered to be my team’s leader. And the team found the task more daunting than I! Did I make a mistake? No!

Last January I signed up for the Avon walk. The Avon walk is taking the fight against breast cancer head on!

Throughout the training and the event I learned what it meant to be an ultimate teammate. Being a teammate wasn’t just about encouraging each other to go one more mile or to raise one more dollar. It was about keeping things positive, being patient with slower teammates, and staying focused on finishing together. It was about offering help to those who were hurt even at the expense of my own pain.

In a bigger picture, it was putting aside any discomfort for the sake of those who suffer from this disease. I am so grateful to participate in this walk. I am also beyond humbled at the generosity of others, including the BTI360 family. BTI360’s donation along with countless others, raised $5 million dollars to be distributed locally to those in need of medical care.

Talk about teamwork! Thank you from the bottom of my heart, and a special thank you to my Ultimate Teammate husband, who supported me each step of the way by taking care of our children, training with me, and cheering me on.

Katie – Ultimate Teammate Spouse


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