June 2016 Orange Slice

/ June 13, 2016 in 

Orange Slice

Where you get your monthly slice of BTI360 

BTI360 HQ’s @ 3:30 p.m.


3:50 – Kotlin with Steve

Yet another JVM language? Steve will share why Jetbrains, the creator of IntelliJ, decided to create a new language with a focus on interoperability, productivity, and safety.

4:10 – 2016 DR Team Recap

Now that they’re all back stateside, come here from the 2016 DR Team about their recent adventures beyond software in the Dominican Republic.


4:30+ Extra Innings

Stick around to hang out and enjoy some food, ping pong and fun with your teammates!!  🙂


Refactoring: Satisfying the Hunger of Sustainable Improvements


BTI360 Goes International – Dominican Republic 2016

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