Going Beyond Software with Habitat for Humanity

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Making a Lasting Impact

At BTI360 we believe our calling extends beyond our craft, so we strive to be generous with our time, talents and resources outside the office.

It starts with the way we treat our people and it stretches beyond software, as we find ways to give back to the local and global community – wherever we can make a difference.

Habitat for Humanity

Recently some of our teammates had the opportunity to take a day off work and give back to a local family in need through Habitat for Humanity. Below are some takeaways from teammates who gave their time to go beyond software. We encourage anyone who reads this post to think about how you might go beyond your ordinary routine today or this week or in the months to come and reach out a helping hand to someone in need.


Not everyday the opportunity arises where an ordinary computer geek gets the chance to make a concrete difference in someone’s life. As a man of faith, I feel it’s my duty to give back some of the blessings that have been bestowed upon me. Aside from the benefit of helping a family in need, getting to work side by side with fellow BTI’ers was a huge positive of the day. The Habitat for Humanity team was extremely well organized, inspirational, as well as was instrumental in teaching us new skills that we can use for the rest of our lives.

The experience of digging a 2’x2’x2′ hole through rocky soil had to be akin to the life challenges that these families face on a day to day basis. I quickly and perhaps naively volunteered to dig holes for the deck posts. I figured, ‘I’ve dug holes before,’ but that was in easy earthy soil. Much like the life of the family that this house was being built for, this soil had some hard and rocky elements. I started off with a shovel, the earth barely moved. Next I grabbed the pickax, swing after swing it only made a dent in the hard rocky soil. After about an hour, I was exhausted and only about a foot deep in the ground. The lesson of the day was how Habitat for Humanity wasn’t about giving handouts but extending a hand to help. This was on display as other team members helped me break through the big rocks in the hole and get to the necessary depth.”


“I have to hand it to our BTI360 leadership team. They go out of their way to make sure serving and volunteer opportunities are promoted and offered. It’s so much more than a software engineering company. I feel very privileged and honored to be a part of a team that makes dedicating their time to those in need a priority. As I walked around the job site at our Habitat for Humanity project, I often reflected on just how lucky I have it. I got to spend time with a bunch of great people, giving back and having a great time. This was just a really great, peaceful, fun activity and I can’t wait to be a part of the next serving opportunity that’s offered up!”


“The Habitat for Humanity project was a great way for some of our teammates to get together and contribute to the community. I had a great time learning certain aspects of the home building process as well as getting to know some of my BTI360 teammates better. It is an opportunity that I would certainly take advantage of again.


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