Servant Leadership in Action – A Day with Habitat for Humanity 2017

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Servant Leadership in Action

At BTI360 we’re all about developing our teammates both professionally and personally. And one of the main identifying characteristics of a BTI360 teammate, is servant leadership.

A few weeks ago our team had a fantastic opportunity to put this willingness to help others into action by giving back to the community through a home repair project with Habitat for Humanity.

If you’re not familiar, Habitat for Humanity is a global nonprofit housing organization working in nearly 1,400 communities across the United States and in approximately 70 countries around the world. Habitat’s vision is of a world where everyone has a decent place to live. They say, “The benefits that safe and affordable shelter can have on families and communities can be long-lasting and life-changing.” So working alongside them is a wonderful way to have a direct and positive impact on families in our community.

By encouraging teammates to volunteer, BTI360 was able to send two full teams of volunteers to help on a Habitat for Humanity project right here in Herndon.

When we first arrived at the work site that day, the house we were to be working on was in desperate need of repair. Our main task was to focus on the walls. Ranging from brownish-red in the kitchen to greenish-yellow in the bathroom, the whole house was crying out for a painting intervention. So we quickly got to work. First, we set about sanding the walls to remove the gloss coating. Then we got the rollers and the paint brushes out to start layering on the primer.

It was an awesome experience seeing teammates get out of their comfort zones and working hard to contribute to something bigger than themselves. From Marina coming from the top floor dizzy from painting a slanted ceiling, to Andy’s whole arm covered in paint or Dylan with his shirt and face bathed in paint dust from sanding, it was fun and exciting to see everyone taking on their job and putting their best effort forward. By the end of the afternoon, the house had been transformed with fresh new life, from the top level all the way to the basement. Even the walls themselves were thanking us in the end.

So, you might be wondering, why would BTI360 encourage teammates to spend a whole day away from our paying work and volunteer for a project we, ourselves, may never even see the completion of?

Leading with Humility

Well, at BTI360, we believe in Leading with Humility – by seeking to first help others, we put servant leadership into action because servant leadership is all about serving others rather than serving yourself.

Doing the Right Thing

We also believe in Doing the Right Thing – by encouraging teammates to engage in volunteer work, even if that means a day away from delivering software, BTI360 gives us an opportunity to give back, like transforming this old house from something useless to something useful to a real family in need.

Growing Each Day

And lastly, at BTI360 we believe in Growing Each Day – whether we’re learning a new technology or building our character through service projects like this, a passion for growing ourselves if part of who we are as BTI360 Teammates.

These three attributes epitomize what it means to be a BTI360 Teammate. We not only want to change the software engineering culture around us for the better, but we also want to positively impact the community that surrounds and supports us. The teammates at BTI360, through their kindness and generosity, truly show that they are committed to servant leadership by helping others grow and develop into well-rounded software engineers and individuals as a whole.

It’s exciting to be part of a company that is dedicated to creating a culture in which giving back is not only valued but encouraged. I’m excited to see what other opportunities we will have to once again get out there, get messy, and give back to the community!

A Special Place to Work

If you’re a passionate software professional, interested in joining a fun company with a heart for giving back, give us a shout. Check out our current Career Opportunities and what Life @ BTI360 is like. We’re always looking for like-minded engineers, with a heart for serving others, to join the BTI360 family.


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