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At BTI360 we’re all about crafting software and developing people, so we are excited to once again sponsor this year’s DevIgnition conference being held on April 29th!

DevIgnition 2016 will be a full day of presentations on Emerging Technologies; the new languages, techniques, and frameworks that power modern software developers. DevIgnition will feature the leaders of the DC Tech community to present technologies that are changing software development. And we couldn’t be happier that two of our very own teammates will be speaking this year along with many other talented engineers from the local area.


Daniel is a software engineer at BTI360, where he has a passion for mentoring software engineers and developing clean code. He has an MS in Computer Science from The George Washington University and a BS in Computer Engineering from Virginia Tech. His current work leverages Scala, Akka, and Solr to enable data discovery through user profiles.

Scala in a Java 8 World

The need for functional programming languages is more important than ever with the current hardware and software trends. Scala has become the number one choice for functional programming languages and is becoming the language of choice for many development teams. But with the introduction of functional programming in Java 8 is Scala still relevant and needed?


Ryan is a software engineer at BTI360, where he is passionate about developing JavaScript best practices and improving user experience in web applications. He has a degree in Management Information Systems from the University of Notre Dame and 10 years of experience in Java and JavaScript development. Ryan’s current work uses AngularJS and PostCSS to build the user interface for an enterprise search application.

Migrating Legacy Web Applications to AngularJS

Modern JavaScript frameworks are typically focused on building new and exciting web applications from the ground up. However, most companies have legacy applications that have evolved into a mess of bloated and unmaintainable JavaScript. How can we use AngularJS best practices to safely migrate from a legacy application to a modern web application, complete with unit testing, dependency management and data bound templating?

Check out for the complete, up-to-date, information.


JavaScript Best Practices: Part 5 – Angular UI Router Modals


How To Accelerate Your Continuous Integration Cycles

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