Code Kata Challenge – Honorable Mention: Clean & Tested

/ June 30, 2014 in 

Last week we provided a code kata challenge. The kata was:

  • Implement a queue class using 2 stacks internally
  • The queue class should implement an insert and retrieve method
  • The 2 internal stacks should implement push and pop methods

We asked. You responded! While the top 3 submissions will take home the prize we felt that an honorable mention was in order.

We would like to thank Chris for a great submission! Chris’ post had several attributes that set it apart.

  1. Code cleanliness – Easy to follow. Quick to understand
  2. Test suite – Good tests. Included Hamcrest Matcher
  3. Maven project – Fast to load. Easy to review.

Congrats Chris on a great submission!

Don’t forget, Code Kata Night is next Thursday, July 10th!  Request your invite here!


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