Are You in the Business of Good?

Mike / February 3, 2016 in 

BTI360 is in the business of doing good

I just returned from a trip to Jinja Uganda where a group of BTI360 colleagues and I were looking for opportunities to invest in the lives of others, to make an impact, to basically do good.

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Like any good learning exercise, we came back with more questions than answers. We wrestled with how can we help in a manner that is appropriate, sustainable, and frankly not just about making us feel good about ourselves. It’s a humbling but rewarding process.

BTI360 is a few years into this journey of doing good which started in the Dominican Republic where we have made investments in a Child Survival Program, a water project, child sponsorships, etc. This video recaps our trip last year.

We started with the fundamental belief that its better to give than to receive and that the resulting culture of service has significant business value. Our experience to date has proven this out, so much so that we believe that we would be holding out on our colleagues and partners if we didn’t offer them the opportunity to get in on the action… on the joy of being in the business of good.

We also believe we don’t have it all figured out but happy to share what we’ve learned… Anyone else have similar experiences, interests, challenges, solutions? Need help thinking it through? Reach out and hit me up. We’re all in this together.


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