BTI360 Annual Golf Hackathon 2017

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From first-timers to pro’ish, BTI360 teammates hit the Brambleton Regional Golf Course in mid-October for our annual golf “hack-a-thon” for 2017.  Let’s just say there is a reason why we all went pro in software and didn’t pursue a career on the PGA Tour. 😉

What exactly is a golf hack-a-thon?

You may be wondering what a golf hack-a-thon is…and to be honest we’ve only recently coined the term. We felt it was a more accurate description of what typically happens during our annual tournament for most of us…for some additional insight check out the picture below. 🙂

Things like “Mulligans” and “Free Throws” aren’t normally seen at a golf tournament but you better believe they are fair game within the regulatory bounds of golf hack-a-thons. 😉

A Unique Engineering Culture

Afterwards, we all kicked back @ Lost Rhino Retreat for a Happy Hour to relive our “almost birdies holes” and hack worthy moments.  At BTI360 we have a unique engineering culture that blends a passion for our craft with plenty of downtime to relax and recharge.  We regularly come together as a community to hang out, hack, and serve.  Afterall, work is soooo much better when you have common interests with your coworkers and get to share experiences together.  It’s one of the reason’s BTI360 is a Best Places to Work in Washington, DC.

Like What You Hear, Work Here!

Are you a software engineer, interested in joining a fun company that passionate about developing software? Then you’re in the right place! Check out our current Career Opportunities on Life @ BTI360. We’re always looking for like-minded engineers, who are passionate about their craft to join the BTI360 family.



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