April 2016 Orange Slice

/ March 31, 2016 in 

Orange Slice

Where you get your monthly slice of BTI360’s company culture

BTI360 HQ’s @ 3:30 p.m.


3:45 – Be a Mentor with Marina & Paul

people-1Want to help develop the next generation of Ultimate Teammates? Marina and Paul will deliver a 5 minute ignite talk on why being a college hire mentor rocks!

3:55 – Legacy JavaScript to Angular with Ryan

code2JavaScript applications can be like a lawn, without discipline and attention, over time the weeds of technical debt can get out of control. In this talk Ryan will walk us through best practices for migrating legacy JavaScript applications to Angular, a modern JavaScript framework!

4:20 – Why Present with Chris

OS_Circle_Gear-bChris will share why everyone, regardless of where they are in their career, should present right now and how to get started no matter your level of public speaking experience.

4:30+ Extra Innings

Stick around to hang out and enjoy some food, ping pong and fun with your teammates!! 🙂


Ladies Night In — Arts & Crafts Style


JavaScript Best Practices: Part 1 – An Introduction

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