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We're a Software Development

We believe that software is only as dependable as the people who build it. So our philosophy is simple:

Attract the best engineers, invest in their growth, and empower them to pursue ideas that make a lasting impact.

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It Begins with Great People

While most companies use their people to grow their business – we use our business to grow our people.

This passion for investing in our teammates is the cornerstone of our culture, and we think it makes BTI360 a pretty sweet place to work.

Crafting Meaningful Solutions

We use the latest in open source technologies to engineer secure and scalable software systems that tackle our nation’s toughest challenges.

We take the opportunity to apply our skills to these challenges seriously, and we are proud of the results we deliver.

Seeking a Broader Impact

We are all impacted by people who have helped us, challenged us, and inspired us along our way – BTI360 is no different.

Our desire to give back influences everything we do. From our collaborations across the industry to our community service across the globe, we continually strive to pay it forward.

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Whether we’re honing our craft, hanging out with our team, or volunteering in the community, we invite you to keep tabs on us.

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