An Engineering Culture: BTI360’s Orange Slice – October 2016

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BTI360’s Orange Slice

Where you get your monthly slice of BTI360’s engineering culture

Agenda – October 2016

4:00 – Change Algorithm Code Kata with Andrew + Michael

engineering culture - code kata in JavaScript

In previous katas we’ve focused on refactoring by itself – improving code without changing functionality. Building upon that, join us as we follow Michael Feathers’ “Change Algorithm” for legacy code. We’ll code under test, change functionality, and refactor in JavaScript!

4:30+ Extra Innings

BTI360's Engineering Culture ping_pong image

Stick around to hang out and enjoy some food, ping pong, and fun with your teammates!!

What’s a BTI360 Orange Slice?

A BTI360 Orange Slice is our monthly tech meetup, where we get a slice of BTI360’s software engineering culture, plus so much more. It’s an opportunity for us, as teammates, to gather together as an engineering community, to learn and grow and stay connected with each other.

A Software Engineering Culture

At BTI360, developing people is our passion and we believe that every day is a chance to grow. This passion is what drives us. It gets us up in the morning excited to take on a new day.

So, as software engineers, this curiosity breeds our desire to continuously learn, seek out knowledge, and share what we learn with others. This is a major part of the software engineering culture at BTI360 and why we invest in and make time for things like our monthly Orange Slice. It allows us to invest in our teammate’s professional development through – Software Craftsmanship, Technical Curiosity, and Leading Teams.

Like What You Hear, Work Here!

Are you a software engineer, interested in joining a fun company devoted to helping your grow both professionally and personally? Then you’re in the right place!

Check out our current Career Opportunities on Life @ BTI360. We’re always looking for like-minded engineers, who continually want to learn and grow, to join the BTI360 team.

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